Enrollment for All

We respect all families and we are willing to meet the needs of all of the children we serve. If your child has a special diet or is being potty trainned. Let us know, will be happy to work with you.

Helpful Staff Members

The Staff has been in the field of Early Childcare Education for over 25 years. We continue to take classes and instructions to keep our program vibrant and engaging, in order to meet our children and their families needs.

We offer

Home cooked breakfasts, lunches and snacks

We celebrate Birthdays, Holidays and Successful goals, such as meeting a "self-help goal, recognizing colors, letters and names and more!

We are a phone call away if you need to reach us, or just to say Hello to your little one.

Infants (6-Weeks to 12-Months)

Babies need plenty of rest as well as affectionate care. We limit the number of infants enrolled to ensure that they can receive the neccessary nurturing and attention they need.

Our childcare generally likes to serve infants starting at 9 months and up. An exception can be made for siblings already attending.

Toddlers (1 to 5 Years)

Exploring is important for a toddler. At Pandacare LLC dba Patti's Pandas Child Care Pre K , we provide the encouragement and support needed for toddlers to gain independence and interactions with their peers.

Our approach to child care is a bit different than other facilities. Everything in our facility is designed to engage
children, providing them plenty of space along with stimulation and secure interaction.
Whether learning to move their bodies or involved in interactive play with other toddlers,
the children at our child care are given the encouragement and support needed to grow.

A Nurturing Approach to Your Child’s Growth