Meet Our Staff:

Ms. Gena Brooks 

Mrs. Patti Bailey

Pandacare LLC dba Patti's Pandas Child Care Pre K is a warm, welcoming, community-minded child care and nursery home.  Our aim is to create a home away from home for toddlers to be empowered to explore and for infants to recieve the nurturing they long for. We look forward to our "parent-teacher partnership" and we are humbled to play such a valuable role in your child's life. 

 At Pandacare LLC dba Patti's Pandas Child Care Pre K, we have you and your child's best interests at heart. We offer preschool to prepare your child for kindergarten. With a low child to caregiver ratio, we are able to provide more optimal attention, guidance, security, and of course, love. 

Caring for Your Children as Our Own

Contact our day care at 2067212259 to speak with us about your child's day care needs.